Teen Pregnancy and Support For Young Parents

How do we support young parents?

Our Teenage Pregnancy Programme works alongside the Daisy Team, covering the Colchester and Tendring area. We support young parents with pregnancy health and wellbeing, as well as housing and benefits advice.

We also run group sessions, inviting parents to join us with a variety of activities including picnics, arts & crafts and child attachment & development sessions.

Our latest funded programme allows us to provide further support for young parents between the ages of 18-25.

A mother and her child enjoy time in the garden

Sexual Health Support

YES also provides confidential sexual health support and resources for young people, including the C-Card Scheme for free condoms and lubricant.

Support for Young Parents

"Finding a support group of people my own age has helped me get my social life back."
Anon, aged 15
Teen Parent

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