Counselling Services

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a safe, confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings one-to-one with a professional, qualified counsellor. We provide 8-12 free sessions for all young people aged 11-25, but we require parental consent from those aged 13 and under.

We offer this service through face-to-face and virtual sessions, in Colchester or Clacton, during the week.

Referring To Our Counselling Services

If you would like to refer yourself or somebody else to our counselling services, please visit our support page and fill in a referral form.


Counselling Services

Our counselling team provide a variety of services in order to best suit your individual needs, this can be anything from group support to one-on-one counselling.

Follow-On Support

If you have finished one-on-one with a counsellor, you may still benefit from joining one of our many projects and programmes:

Additional Resources

If you need access to mental health support outside of our opening hours or are over the age of 25, consider using the following resources:

Out of Hours

Over 25 Support

School Navigation

What is School Navigation?

Our school navigators are posted in a growing number of local secondary schools to provide young people with a safe and confidential space to talk with a YES professional. Early intervention is a major focus of this programme.


"My counsellor helped me with building resilience against anxiety, I now feel more confident in school"
Anon, aged 14
Counselling Service User

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