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GoGreen Gets Greener

Colchester City Council have invited YES to participate in their new eCargo Bike Library scheme.

GoGreen project lead Amber has been loaned a new eCargo bike, so that she can bring garden essentials such as soil, potted plants and specialist tools to work without having to drive. Before being let loose on the streets, Amber completed an advanced road safety course.

The scheme aims to provide organisations  with the means to transport goods, whilst lowering carbon emissions in the city centre.

On the subject of eCargo Bikes, Amber says:

“I already enjoy cycling, so Colchester City Council have essentially given me the perfect opportunity to completely leave my car at home. I can get almost everything we might need on this new bike.” 

Improving our sustainability is one of the core GoGreen principals, we are excited to see how this new scheme impacts our project and our charity as a whole.

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