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‘Gardens and Dragons’ – Our First DnD Group Launched

After much excited chatter from a handful of young people, we have launched our first Dungeons & Dragons group, in association with the mentoring project.

With the sudden popularity of TTRPGs (tabletop roleplay games), several members of staff were approached by service users with the suggestion of hosting our own weekly D&D Night. This idea was met with enthusiasm and the concept was developed into an initial group of six players, running a homebrewed Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign.

We are excited to see where we can take this new adventure in the future!  

Campaign Prelude

by Ray – Service User and YES D&D Gamesmaster

Welcome to Gardener’s Guild!

It is an establishment where brave Adventurers, such as yourselves, may come together, form parties and embark on quests! Be it slaying Chromatic Dragons, rescuing children in grave peril or recovering lost relics of ancient past, here you may find fortune, glory, romance or whatever your hear may desire!

The guild is owned by an enigmatic old Elf known as Lord Gardener, and is home to numerous adventurers from all walks of life, they are always open to welcoming new people into it’s halls. The guild hall itself is a small manor located at the edge of the Lord’s estate and provides all the facilities an adventurer may need to base themselves. Within his estate is the grand garden the Lord is so known for, known far and wide as the largest and most vibrant garden in the land.

The title Lord is not for show either, as he is the reigning noble of the local province. His estate is located south of the prosperous town of Dragonsgrove, which sits upon a fork of the Argent River. North of the town is the Old Wood, said to be guarded by an Ancient Dragon and wild Spirits of Nature; Druids and those that worship Gods of Nature are known to visit when on pilgrimage.

This land and all surrounding territory fall under the domain of the Kingdom of Albion, ruled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Defender of The Light.

It is in this land you will embark on your grand adventure! Who knows what Fate may have in store for you, or what stories you will tell?

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